Welcome to Tramontane Travel!

You know that feeling when your plane touches down in a new city? That thrill of being on the verge of discovery? It is the knowledge that you will encounter something new here: new cultures, vistas and skylines, history lessons, favorite foods, and ways of looking at the world. It is there at the beginning of every adventure, the nearly-nostalgic understanding that you will never quite be the same person you were before you left – that you will be transformed in some way, big or small. 

Tramontane is a travel site that celebrates a passion for travel and the pursuit of a life rich with experiences, not things.

It not only documents my travels and new life as an expat in Finland, it provides you with curated travel guides, insider advice, and travel tips so you can travel more and travel better. Tramontane goes beyond the standard must-see sights and tourist districts to help you find the heart and soul of the places you visit.

I encourage you to dig deeper, become immersed in the places you travel, connect with others, and find the joy in feeling small in a big world.

With a few tips and tricks and the right mindset, anyone can live a life of travel. My hope is that this space inspires you to go on the adventures you’ve always dreamed of, and provides you with the information you need to turn those trips into reality.

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Curious about where the name Tramontane Travel comes from? It’s a classical epithet for the northern wind; one who dwells beyond the mountains; or a foreigner.

Interested in learning more about why I'm living in the second-most-northern capital in the world? Find out more about me and how I became a digital nomad