Book Club: The Perfect Girlfriend Review

This thriller about a flight attendant who will stop at nothing to get back with her pilot ex is the perfect pick for your next trip!

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The Perfect Girlfriend Karen Hamilton

The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton is a twisted love story and psychological thriller about a girl, Juliette, who becomes a flight attendant after her pilot boyfriend breaks up with her. Juliette will stop at nothing to get back together with him - quite literally following him around the globe as part of her plan to win him back.

The book is already a #1 international bestseller and has been named one of the 20 new books to read by The story, which involves some serious stalking and social media sleuthing, is crazy than even the juiciest jumpseat gossip! It’s such a fun page turner and the perfect book to bring along on your next flight or vaca! Personally, I brought it with me on a recent trip to Belize and couldn’t put it down, reading it curled up in a hammock one day while the rain poured down outside my cabana.

I appreciated the books strong female perspective and lead, who although unlikeable throughout much of the book, is whip smart and focused. She reminded me of the character Amy, from Gone Girl. Similar to Amy, I think Juliette’s character is partly symbolic of men’s fears in a post #metoo era, but Hamilton also skillfully interweaves themes of childhood trauma and girl-on-girl bullying into the story. There’s never any justification of Juliette’s behavior, but there is an exaggerated allusion to the pressures girl’s face, especially in a fairly new age of social media and online dating – where it’s easier than ever before to be inundated with images and reminders of those who have hurt you.

Books about flight attendants have been buzzy lately, but The Perfect Girlfriend is actually written by a former flight attendant - and you can tell because unlike other books about flight attendants written by people who have no idea what it’s actually like, this one is full of fun details about the “lifestyle” that only a real flight attendant would know. For anyone working in or interested in the aviation industry, it adds a fun dynamic to the plot, acting as almost another main character in the novel.

If you liked Fatal Attraction, the Netflix series You, Gone Girl, or The Girl on the Train, this book is for you! To find out more, visit

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