The 13 Pilots You Need to Follow on Instagram

These pilot Instagrams provide a behind the scenes glimpse into the flight deck and the aviation world.

A friend recently remarked that the flight deck is the modern holy of holies - inviolate and inaccessible to all but a small group. Luckily, you don’t need to become a pilot or even board a plane to get a peek inside the exclusive world of the flight deck - you just have to hit follow on these pilot Instagrams.

Paul - @Mylayoverlife

My Layover Life

Paul flies the Boeing 757/767 for a U.S. airline and nobody - and I mean, nobody - does layovers quite like him. His motto is to find what nobody does on a layover and do that - and whether it’s biking up the California coast or driving a vintage car through the Italian countryside he gets into the best adventures.

Maria -


Part of the affectionately nicknamed “Swedish flight mafia,” Maria flies the Boeing 737 for a European airline. An inspiration to any woman who has ever thought about becoming a pilot, her page is full of smiley flight deck selfies and photos from her trips around the world.

Joe - @Checkyourtransponder

Check Your Transponder

Joe flies your Amazon packages around the world and is the reason why everyone who works in aviation is obsessed with Doubletree cookies. Follow for the plane shots, stay for the memes.

Zachariah - @Z_Bates


Zachariah flies for a DL connection and in addition to snapping some dreamy plane shots, his page is full of photos from his non-rev gallivanting across the globe.

Maria -


Another member of the Swedish flight mafia, Maria’s page is full of fun shots highlighting what it’s like to be a pilot living in Europe with a cute pilot boyfriend - aka a modern day fairytale. She’s also one of my go-to sources for Scandicool outfit inspiration!

Viktor - @viktorfors


Viktor is a professional pilot and amateur sailor who flies a 737 out of Spain. His page is full of fun flight deck photos and shots from his adventures on the air and sea. As the boyfriend of @mariathepilot, he’s also half of one of the cutest couples in the skies!

Savy - @thesavytraveler


Savy is working on her ratings and her love of all things aviation shines through in every post. Her posts are always positive and uplifting and a source of inspiration for any up and coming pilots - male or female!

York - @iflyheli


What do you get when you put a photographer in the pilot’s seat of a helicopter? Beautifully shot and edited photos that look like they’ve been ripped out of the pages of a magazine.

Amireh -


Amireh is an A350 Captain for a Middle Eastern airline. Full of lots of flight deck photos, uniform shots, and photos from his adventures in the Middle East, his page is a great one to follow if you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly for one of the ME3.

Carlos - @takeoffconfigokay


Carlos’ Insta is one of the happiest places on the internet. His love of flying is matched only by his love of great cocktail spots and California sunshine.

Lance -


Lance flies for a U.S. airline and makes the coolest art out of aviation artifacts. If you don’t own one of his luggage tags, you’re missing out!

Trent - @trentflyshigh


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly private jets, Trent’s your guy!

Patrick -


There’s a slew of hot European pilots on Insta and probably the most Instafamous is Patrick. Equal parts flight deck photos and shirtless underwear shots, Patrick’s page makes Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Catch Me If You Can look positively slummy.

There are so many other awesome pilots I love to follow on Instagram, but I had to cut myself off at some point. Who do you love to follow?! Tell me below!