The Best Red Lipsticks for Flight Attendants

Get the trademark flight attendant look with red lipsticks that keep your smile pretty from takeoff to touchdown.

They say you're never fully dressed without a smile, but as a flight attendant I never feel fully dressed without a bright, red-lipped smile. Here are the six red lipsticks (and lip stains) I swear by to keep my pout pretty when I fly!

Best Red Lipsticks for Flight Attendants
Best Red Lipstick for Flight Attendants: Sephora Always Red

This has been my go-to lipstick since I started flying! It's a bright, true red that wears the slightest bit warm on me. This stuff lasts forever - I'm talking 12 hour duty days, transoceanic flights, and coast to coast all nighters without needing to reapply. It also doesn't bleed or feather - even without a lip liner or powder. It will transfer if you're eating, drinking, or kissing, but it's so highly pigmented that even if it smears all over my Chick-Fil-A sandwich I still rarely have to reapply afterwards. It's made with avocado oil so it is thinner and isn't super drying, although it is a lip stain so I wouldn't call it moisturizing. It's also a very affordable $14 a tube and lasts forever, making it a perfect budget option. The only con is really the same thing that makes it so great - it doesn't budge - so you need a serious makeup wipe to remove it after a flight. 

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Feels So Grand

Best Red Lipsticks for Flight Attendants: MAC Feels so Grand

I discovered this lip stain on a four hour airport sit, when my entire crew (including the boys) decided to get makeovers at MAC. It's the most glamorous a crew working a late night turn has ever looked! This lip stain is a deep, true red that reads a little more blue red on me than the Sephora stain and dries to a pretty almost suede-like texture. It doesn't bleed or feather and provides all day coverage so you don't have to worry about reapplying in the middle of a flight. There's also not a lot of transfer, making it a great kiss-proof lipstick for your layover as well! I can't wear MAC lipsticks because they're so drying (sorry Ruby Woo), but this lip stain doesn't bother my lips or feel super dry at all. At $21 a pop it's more expensive than the Sephora option but a little goes a long way and my tube has lasted me well over a year even with regular application (also don't forget that flight attendants get an airport discount!). 

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Underage Red

Best Red Lipstick for Flight Attendants: Kat Von D Underage Red

Kat Von D's Lolita is my go-to layover lip stain and I love this vivid red just as much! It's a bold bright, blue red that is very 1940s, Snow White glam and lasts for around 10 hours (aka a flight to Paris) before needing a touch up. Like MAC's Feel So Grand, it's also very transfer and kiss proof, dries to a velvety finish, and is super matte. Out of all the lip stains, this one will cause some flakiness and peeling on me (I think because it's so thick), but only after spending hours upon hours in a very dry airplane. I think it's worth it for the vintage vibe, the long lasting color, and the price tag ($20 a tube)! P.S. I know the title of this lipstick is controversial. If you feel strongly about not supporting it I suggest you try Outlaw, which is a very similar, just slightly less blue red than this one. 

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Red Carpet Red

Best Red Lipsticks for Flight Attendants: Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red

My momma bought this for me on a London layover after I raved about how pretty Jess from The Layover Life looked in it. At $34 it's more of a splurge, but it's become a must-have in my flight attendant makeup bag. The color is a gorgeous, deep red that's much darker and blue-toned than the others on here and provides a lovely, old Hollywood, glamorous look. It comes in a pretty, rose gold package that feels decadent and makes me happy every time I put it on. It also applies like a dream, feeling and acting more like a moisturizing lip balm than a matte lipstick. Fear not, however, because the color is very pigmented and matte. I usually only use a swipe or two to get an intense color and the angled bullet means I don't need a lip liner or lip brush. It also doesn't bleed or feather and lasts an exceptionally long time for a lipstick (although admittedly not quite as long as the lip stains). As a bonus: it has a pretty vanilla smell that reminds me of the chapsticks I hoarded in middle school. 

Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color Matte in Best Revenge and Cherry Lush

Best Red Lipstick for Flight Attendants: Tom Ford Best Revenge

Best Red Lipstick for Flight Attendants: Tom Ford Best Revenge

Like expensive lingerie, Tom Ford lipsticks make me feel fancy and unstoppable. At $54, they're by far the most expensive lipsticks on this list, but I'm so in love with the rich colors and the pretty black and gold packaging that they're worth the occasional splurge for me (I buy a new one every year to celebrate my airline anniversary!). The texture is velvety, soft, and hydrating but the color packs a big punch. Best Revenge is a true, warm red (the warmest one on this list) that dries to a stain-like finish and Cherry Lush is a very blue-based, glossy red that's almost a bright pink. Both last far longer than any other high-end designer lipstick I've worn in the past (I'm looking at you Chanel) and are some of, if not the most, highly pigmented lipsticks I've found.

Best Red Lipsticks for Flight Attendants: Tom Ford Cherry Lush

Best Red Lipsticks for Flight Attendants: Tom Ford Cherry Lush

Do you have a favorite red lipstick that I need to try? Let me know in the comments!