The Best Flight Attendant Shoes: Unparalleled Comfort with SKYPRO

Move over Cinderella, I have the best shoes (for flight attendants).

Your shoes are one of the most important investments you can and should make as a flight attendant. Not only is looking polished part of the job description, but being on your feet for obscenely long stretches of time is one of the only constants of flight attendant life.

I’ve tried a handful of different brands since I started flying—both shoes specifically made for flight attendants and some off-the-rack brands that I tried to make work for the air. And because I get asked about my shoes by fellow flight attendants and passengers alike on almost every flight (or Insta post), I wanted to share my hands-down favorite flight attendant shoes – SKYPRO Shoes.

Best Flight Attendant Shoes: SKYPRO Shoes Review

SKYPRO is based in Lisbon, Portugal and designs footwear, clothing, and accessories specifically for people who work in aviation. From the functional design to the chic look, they know what it takes to keep crews – and their feet – happy. Their wide range of styles is tailored to meet some of the world’s most prestigious airlines’ rigorous uniform guidelines, which makes it super easy to find a shoe that works for your foot and style. Prefer a pointed toe with a stiletto style heel? Done. Want a Mary Jane? Voila! Need a boot for that trudge through the winter wonderland that is the employee parking lot? Easy. You never have to worry about weird embellishments and logos like you would if you were shopping for cabin crew shoes at a regular store.

Personally, I’ve worn SKYPRO’s Amelia Earhart II heels as my concourse heels for the past two years. These shoes, featuring a rounded toe and almost 3-inch block heel, are the perfect blend of stylish, classy, and comfortable. I’ve also started wearing their new style, the Iris Critchell, which features an on-trend pointed toe and super sexy stiletto-style 3-inch heel. I was worried the skinnier heel on these would make them more difficult to wear but they are so comfortable! SKYPRO's insoles are made with a special microcellular structured material that provides extra cushioning and absorbs ground impact, so your feet, joints, and back are protected as you run from gate to gate. They also use cork in their shoes, which keeps them lightweight and supports thermal insulation (in other words, no sweaty feet). The soles are anti-skid, keeping me from slipping and sliding on messy galley or freshly waxed airport floors. And they don’t alarm through security! It’s a little thing but it means one less thing to deal with when you’re trying to zip through security and dash over to Laduree or duty free before boarding.

Best Flight Attendant Shoes: SKYPRO Shoes Review

I also use SKYPRO’s Blanche Scott as my onboard flat. They’re a classic, Audrey-esque ballet flat that provides great support and comfort without the clunky look of some other beloved brands. Like my concourse heels, these shoes are also anti-skid, anti-static, and alarm-free and help me feel great rocking that uniform.

In addition to their great design, SKYPRO’s customer service is also top notch. When I first started flying I emailed them with some sizing questions and they had me measure my foot so they could provide sizing feedback tailored to the shoes I was interested in. While the size was a different one than I’m used to wearing, I followed their advice and the shoes stretched and conformed to my feet perfectly.

Best Flight Attendant Shoes: SKYPRO Shoes Review

I’m thrilled to share that if you use the discount code SKYPRO.SHANNON you will receive a 20 percent discount. You can also check out their excellent outlet to find past seasons’ styles for a budget-happy steal. As always, be sure to triple check your airline’s uniform guidelines before purchasing (although SKYPRO has free shipping and fast returns if you need them).

I scoured the Internet when I first started flying for info on shoes that would look and work great (Kara’s video is what first introduced me to SKYPRO!), so I hope this review helps my fellow flight attendants find the best shoes for them!

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*I've worn and loved SKYPRO shoes since I started flying and SKYPRO was gracious enough to send me one of their newest styles in order for me to share my opinion on their product. As always, I only do reviews of products I personally use and love - the same ones I recommend to my closest friends. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Tramontane possible!