15 Amazing Flight Attendants You Should Follow on Instagram

These flight attendant Instagrams give an inside peek into the fly life and inspire some serious wanderlust.

They say the glamorous days of flying are over, but you’d never know it from following these flight attendants on Instagram. Hit follow for everything from fun layover adventures and travel tips to a behind the scenes look at what life is really like as a flight attendant.

jess - @Thelayoverlife_

This blonde beauty flies for BA and posts stunning shots from her layovers and jetsetting ventures. She’s inspired my own “landing day” ritual - aka a bath and a glass of wine - and has both the cutest British boyfriend and accent (I live for her stories because even tales of delays sound fancy with a British accent!).

Taylor -

Taylor flies for one of the big U.S. legacy carriers and is based in the Windy City. She’s a beautiful writer who has mastered the art of the long caption and her posts are honest, raw, and heartfelt. She’s also the founder of the amazing @wordsfromthewindowseat project.

Imran -

Dreamchasers Visions

Imran flies for the same U.S. carrier I do, but we didn’t meet until we ran into each other in India last year (that’s flight attendant life for you). He’s brilliant with a camera and uses his flight benefits more than anyone I know. A linguist who speaks a handful of languages and a fabulous salsa dancer, traveling with Imran - or just following him on Insta - is always an adventure!

Heather - @LayoverTakeover

Layover Takeover

Heather flies for one of the U.S. legacy carriers and is based in Chicago. She has an eye for great design and even better coffee and is one of the people I always message when I need layover advice!

Izzy - @Living_theFlyLife

Living the Fly Life

Lyze recently traded her little red Emirates hat for a gig on private jets, which has only added more glamor to her flights and layovers. When she’s not flying, she’s out exploring her small, Southern town and working on her passion - creating historical costumes.

Kara - @TheFALife

The FA Life

Kara is one of the people on the internet I most want to grab a latte with! She used to fly for Norwegian but currently spends her days working as a private flight attendant, as well as running the popular blog The Flight Attendant Life. Bubbly and effervescent, she combines a positive, glass-half-full attitude with being authentic and candid about the difficulties of being a flight attendant.

Joana - @Joana.Ek


Joana is a journalist who flies for Emirates and her Insta is full of photos of layovers in exotic locales and life in Dubai.

DaphnI - @Yungjetlag


Daphni is one of the wittiest people on the gram. She’s also an advocate for feminism and social justice and uses her IG to highlight causes she believes in and champion diversity.

Meghan - @FlywithMeghan

Fly With Meghan

Meghan flies for the same airline I do, although the scheduling gods still haven’t seen fit to put us in the same city at the same time. I still remember following her FA adventures during the months leading up to my interview and training, so her Insta always makes me a bit nostalgic. Her page is full of great aviation shots and info on what it’s like to be a flight attendant for a U.S. airline.

jess - @YogaMeetsTravel

Yoga Meets Travel

This pretty lady flew for Virgin America and now, post merger, flies for Alaska. A yoga teacher who is always bouncing around the world, her Insta focuses not just on flight attendant life but how to incorporate health and wellness into the busy, chaotic lifestyle.

Lydia - @LydiaSpencerOwen

Lydia Spencer Owen

This British lady’s page is just dreamy.

Brigita - @Imbrigita


Another Emirates flight attendant, this Lithuanian blogger’s page highlights all the glamor of flying for a Middle Eastern carrier.

Claire - @ClaireforTakeoff

Claire for Takeoff

Claire is an ATL-based flight attendant who flies for a U.S. airline. She’s an incredibly talented photographer whose Insta is full of striking photos of her treks around the globe.

Stella - @FlywithStella

Fly With Stella

Stella flies for one of the U.S. legacy carriers and is based in NYC. She is a natural comedian whose vlogs, in particular, never fail to make me lol.

Jacks - @HittheRoad_Jacks

Hit the Road Jacks

Jacks is a U.S. flight attendant who never seems to be in the same city for long. Her page is full of stunning photos of trips that make me want to book my next flight asap.

There are so many other awesome flight attendants I follow on Instagram, but I had to cut myself off at some point. Who do you love to follow?! Tell me below!